Domain Footers

Keep company-wide email signatures uniform and simple with domain footers, another feature built into Backstage!

Domain footers allow your company to standardize the format and appearance of email signatures by appending the same footer (or signature) to the end of all outgoing emails. Domain footers can be formatted in plaintext for basic use, or in HTML for coloured text, highlighted text, hyperlinks, various font sizes, and images. When a domain footer is created, user-specific fields can be defined such as <full name> and <job title> (see end of article for full list of possible fields). Upon sending an email, these fields are filled with the corresponding info for the sender.

For example, here is the defined format for a domain footer:


When I send an email, the footer is appended as such:


If you are interested in having a domain footer implemented for your company’s Backstage server, please see the configuration options below, and open a new support request detailing how the footer should look. We can provide mockup images and make adjustments before enabling the footer, ensuring that it only starts being appended to emails when you are happy with it.

Configuration Options

Font: Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman
Font size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18
Font styling: Bold, Italic, Underline
Text colour: (any of the following colours)


Text highlight: (any of the following colours)


Text alignment: Left, Centre, Right
Hyperlink: (please provide URL and indicate which phrase should be the link)
Image: (please provide images)
Fields: <full name>, <first name>, <middle name>, <last name>, <prefix>, <suffix>, <description>, <company name>, <mobile>, <phone>, <country>, <state>, <city>, <ZIP/postal code>, <street>, <company phone>, <company URL>, <job title>, <department>, <office>, <work email>, <fax>.

Note that we will require info for each user in order to fill specific fields such as <phone>, <job title>, <department>, etc. Please provide a list of info for each user for any fields you wish to use.