Get the only cloud trustworthy enough for defense contractors and flexible enough for SMBs

Not all enterprise needs are enterprise size. Get the only truly private, high performant cloud without the data harvesting, throttled bandwidth, or hidden price jumps.

Always Never

What you always get with Backstage

100% Canadian hosting

Free from snooping eyes 100% encrypted even across the US border

99.997% uptime

And 100% for most

100% backed up

We back up all data internally and offsite throughout the day

What you never get with Backstage

Your privacy compromised

Private means private. Your data is never exposed, used, or monetized

Your performance metered

When we say you get 2.5GB/sec, that’s for everyone. Meter-free.

Your data harvested

Your data is yours. Your client is theirs. Never ours.

Security & performance for the little guys doing BIG things

Large enterprises have long had the infrastructure and budget to get the highest security and performance they need out of their cloud provider.

But what about your SMB clients who also need security and performance?
The little guys doing really BIG things?

Like manufacturers with IP to protect or law firms with sensitive client data? What about the businesses that big public clouds have left behind?

That’s where we come in.

We’re the only private cloud that brings true enterprise cloud performance, security, and privacy to the smaller businesses that need it most.

You can feel 100% confident bringing to your clients with important data.

Energy, tech, and defense:
clients like these trust Backstage


So what makes Backstage really different?

What you buy is what you get

In IT, surprises are not a good thing. Especially when the performance you thought you were paying for is squeezed out, throttled, and metered.

With Backstage, there aren’t any surprises. Sync half a million files over the servers? No problem. Spin up 103 RDPs? No outrageous metered bullshit billing or throttling either.

What you pay for is exactly what you get.

Canadian servers = Canadian privacy

Sure, the big public clouds give top-notch security and privacy to the big dogs, but medium-sized businesses and small enterprises get shafted. Tracking, anonymized data collection, email snooping??

That’s unbearably shitty. Your clients deserve better.

And with Backstage, they get it. First, you’re 100% protected by Canadian privacy laws. Second. you’re protected by our Grizzly-sized firewalls and our standards: we do not ever harvest, collect, or monetize your data. Your data stays yours.

Support that’s actually helpful

(instead of...not)

When you’re in IT, you get really good at troubleshooting. You only contact support when you really need it.

Not to be told…to check your LAN.

Things rarely go wrong with Backstage because our shit works. But when they do, you’ll get an actual engineer every time. From your first email or call.

(And…you’ll likely get your ticket resolved in under an hour. Busy beavers over here.)

(And you might’ve noticed how every section here had a “shit” in it.
It’s because we don’t just give a shit, we honestly give three.)

How can performant hosting benefit your client’s business?

Productivity suite

When Google & Dropbox won’t pass the swim test

Virtual desktops

When your clients need stupid fast servers.

We ❤️ IT MSPs.

Remember a time, not all that long ago when Google and Microsoft made big promises about MRR, partners, and reseller commissions?

Yeah, that was nice for those five minutes. Before they started cutting your commissions. Or selling direct to your clients. Then…it was pretty shitty.

See, we know how hard your job is and how important your role is to our end users.

We don’t sell direct to clients because in order to get the most out of our servers…
they need you.

That’s why Backstage has been and always will be a reseller partner business. With commissions and bonus structures that are probably the best you’ll find.

We believe in our model.
And we believe in you.

With 15%+ as your starting commission

Hear it from the source

(aka our Evil Overlord CEO, aka Chris)

Get THE private cloud that prioritizes performance, your budget, and shockingly—your privacy