Google's controversial new privacy policy

09 Aug, 2015

Google’s privacy policy will always be controversial.  This is because their business model is dependent on sucking up and analyzing as much of the world’s data as possible.  Google is an advertising company.  Everything else is secondary to that.  Google’s ultimate goal is to have access to every aspect of our lives so it can better sell and target advertisements.  Privacy is antithetical to Google’s business model.

Backstage’s privacy policy will never be controversial.  We don’t share your data with anyone.  When we say “Come back with a warrant”, we really mean it.  Our commitment to an open web and the integrity of our client’s privacy will not change.

It is important to remember that Google’s clients are advertisers - not the users of its products.  When using a service that’s free or nearly free, you are the product being sold.  The goals of Google’s clients and the nature of Google’s business model are diametrically opposed to the entire notion of privacy.

Privacy is something we fundamentally believe in and it is at the heart of Backstage.  We’re not scanning your emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and communications to gain market data from.  And we never will because YOU are our customer and our goals align with yours.  We will never turn our clients into products to be sold.  It’s as simple as that.