The show must go on.

09 Aug, 2015

Most of our clients had no off-site backup capability before Backstage.  There are good reasons for this.

First, off-site server backups can be expensive unless you’re willing to accept certain compromises.  Second, the process is usually dependent on a human, which makes it prone to failure.

Most small to medium sized organizations forgo off-site backups due to the cost.  There are costs to the service you choose, how much data you need to back up, and how much bandwidth you will need to back it up on top of everything else that’s happening over your connection.  There’s also a dirty secret when it comes to many cloud-based backup solutions: They throttle their bandwidth to reduce costs.  This means that if you ever needed to do a restore (especially if we’re talking about an entire organization), you could be waiting several days for it all to download.  That’s the last thing you want to happen if you actually need to use your off-site backup.  The reality is that it is expensive to have a robust off-site backup solution you can rely on when it counts.  Because we don’t throttle our bandwidth, you’ll be able to download your Backstage data to a new device as fast as its Internet connection will allow.

The other issue off-site backups tend to be plagued with is dependency on humans.  Cycling tapes or hard drives in and out of your building makes an off-site backup prone to forgetfulness and lost or damaged media.  We believe that they only way to guarantee an off-site backup is working is for it to be automated and over-the-air.  Traditionally, that has been a very expensive proposition for all but the largest of organizations.

That’s where Backstage comes in.  By virtue of just using Backstage, you are providing your organization with a disaster recovery plan and a fully automated off-site backup solution.  While Backstage keeps a local cache of your data on each of your devices, your data really resides in our data centre.  And by virtue of just hitting the send or save button, you are actively backing up everything as it is updated.  If all of your devices were stolen tomorrow, or your office burned down, you haven’t lost a minute of work - it’s all on your Backstage server.  Your off-site backup isn’t on a schedule - it’s happening in real time, all the time.

Recovering from loss, theft, or physical disaster is as simple as enrolling a new device.  Enrolling a new smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC automatically syncs your data from the Backstage server and lets you pick up where you left off.

Backstage ensures that your organization’s data will survive, up to date and fully intact, even if your whole building does not.  Having this kind of redundancy lets you sleep better at night knowing your off-site backup is being taken care of and it didn’t cost you a cent extra.  Backstage provides the sort of piece of mind that is utterly priceless when and if you need it.