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You're not for sale

Some software-as-a-service hosting providers make their money by tracking and analyzing your behaviour, collecting "anonymized data," and selling it to advertisers and marketers. These hosting providers see their customers as a source of free labour, producing data to help others spam more effectively.

This is not our business model.

Our most valuable asset is our relationship with you.

Remember: If the service is free or impossibly cheap, you are the product being sold.


Hosted in CanadaRed maple leaf

Privacy is hard to come by nowadays. If you want to keep your data private, there are very few hosting providers left that you can trust.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Dropbox all want you to store your emails and files with them. But these companies are complicit in providing the governments with unfettered access to their customers’ data.

Some (i.e. Google) even track your employees’ behaviour and analyze your corporate data in order to sell you advertising.

This sucks.

Backstage guarantees you a level of privacy only available in Canada. Your data and its backups are all stored in a Canadian facility, subject to Canadian privacy laws, and sandboxed in their own virtual server. Your emails, contacts, calendars, chat transcripts, files and mobile device backups are all encrypted before they cross into the United States, denying access to anybody listening in on the wire.

True privacy lies north of the 49th parallel.


Our Privacy Policy Isn't a Moving Target

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Remember when Google changed its privacy policies so it could track you across all of its services, regardless of when you were signed in? How about when Microsoft was caught red-handed snooping through private emails without a warrant?

Privacy policies should exist for one reason and one reason only: to safeguard your data. Sadly, most privacy policies and terms of service are drafted to benefit hosting providers like Google, Microsoft or Dropbox, instead of your organization. The terms of these privacy policies are also constantly changing, leaving it up to you to determine whether you're okay with their new rules.

Read our .

Backstage has a simple
privacy policy:

  1. No humans will ever access your data without your explicit permission.
  2. No data you generate by using Backstage will ever be made accessible to third parties.
  3. Proposed changes will provide a clear benefit to you, and will require your explicit consent.

Collaborate and Share

All your files synced across all of your devices.

If you have more than one workstation - desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - you know how difficult it is to keep files in sync. You end up hunting for the most recent version of a document in your emails, and clutter up your inbox with dozens of copies of the same file.

Eventually, you start looking for a cloud solution that handles file syncing, like iCloud Drive, Dropbox,, Google Drive or Skydrive.

Backstage replaces these cloud storage solutions with one that works on any device so you're never locked in.

Backstage lets you access your files from anywhere using a web browser, or almost any app you choose. It also lets you keep local folders that sync with multiple Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPads. You always have an offline copy of everything, and you never have to worry about versions.

You can use backstage for all kinds of things.

The global outbox

Drag an expense report, receipt or invoice into a folder on your PC, and have it magically appear on your CFO’s laptop moments later.

The road-warrior library

Prepare curated collections of promotional material, brochures and white papers so your salesforce always has the most recent assets.

The storage locker

Low on disk space? Keep your most important files and folders synced, and download rarely-used or gigantic files from the web when you need them.

The biggest loser

Send links to large files instead of attaching them to emails. Your inbox will thank you, and your recipient will always download the most recent version.

The museum

Hand-craft collections of documents to share with stakeholders, prospective clients and members of the public.

The safety net

Ensure your organization’s files are being backed up. If a device is lost or stolen, you can restore and recover everything.

The team builder

Never ask or wait for a teammate to send you a document. It’s already been synced with your devices. Focus on your job, and trust in your team.

The jetsetter

Use your preferred apps to work on your files, even when you aren’t connected to the internet, and automatically sync changes once you get back online.

The secret agent

Share files and folders that require a password to open, and that auto-expire after an arbitrary period of time.


Exchange without the extortion

Backstage provides you with enterprise-class collaboration and management tools that, until now, have been unaffordable for most organizations.

Putting the proper infrastructure in place to give you the accessibility, redundancy, and flexibility of Backstage is an endeavour many SMBs simply can’t justify.

But when you sign up for Backstage, you’re taking whatever servers you have on premises and making them someone else’s problem. And so you should! Ensuring your organization can communicate, share, and collaborate - while being secure and redundant - is an expensive feat to do on your own.

Backstage replaces the capital cost, maintenance, and worry of your on-premise infrastructure with peace of mind and one low, predictable monthly payment.

Enjoy the Show

Designing & maintaining IT systems is our full time job.

We invest in scalable, redundant IT infrastructure so you don’t have to. You can say goodbye to all the headaches that come with maintaining a server. Backups, software updates, security patches, licensing, maintenance, and support are our problem now.

Backstage costs a fraction of what you’re paying now.

You can focus on what you do well, instead of working on or fighting with IT. Choosing Backstage means doing away with unpredictable IT costs and depreciating assets that are weighing down your books.


Open Standards Everywhere

Believe in an open web? So do we.

We don't hold you hostage.

Many cloud services offer features and functionality that set them apart from the rest of the competition. For example, Sharepoint does way more than just serve files, and Gmail is much more than just a webmail client.

But consider this: if you come to depend on the features that set these products apart, you no longer have viable alternatives if you ever want to change providers.

Proprietary features can be used to hold you hostage.

Vendor lock-in can be a dangerous thing. The fewer proprietary features you depend on to run your business, the better.

Backstage replaces proprietary features with open technologies and open standards wherever possible, without sacrificing the functionality you've come to depend on.

That means we fully support Exchange ActiveSync, but offer full-spec IMAP email with CalDAV, WebDAV and CardDav if you prefer. We provide one of the best webmail clients on the market at no extra cost.

Backstage gives you the leverage that other providers don't. But you'll never need to use it.

Wecan't hold you hostage.

Backstage is designed to ensure you always have an offline copy of your emails, contacts, calendars and files. This means you always have access to your data, even if you're not connected to the internet.

Offline access, paired with open standards, means you always have everything you need to migrate away from Backstage.

You're always holding all the cards. Feels good, eh?

I guess what we’re trying to say is…

Backstage lets you access your data however you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. There's no vendor lock-in of any kind. If you stay with us, it's because you want to.

And that's great.

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